Physical Security and Cybersecurity Overview

Everyone knows that physical security and cybersecurity is an issue – businesses, government and individuals who rely on the Internet are constantly exposed to risk from cyber-attack. A recent report by PWC indicates that 81% of CEOs in Canada says cyber threat are their top business concern. Report from: PWc 21st CEO survey 2018: Canadian Insights.

Yet, due to the hostile threat environment, it's only a matter of time before all businesses will one day encounter a information or physical breach. It is no longer an option to only have a good and effective cyber-attack and physical security response plan.

Security breaches of any type and size can result in:

  • substantial financial losses;
  • negative impact on an organisation’s reputation;
  • erode customer brand loyalty; and
  • attract negative press or even threaten large corporate deals and acquisitions.

Every 40 seconds a company gets compromised by an external attack!

PWc 21st CEO survey 2018

Who is
7 Point 8 Sdn. Bhd.

In response to the rapid infiltration of cyber and physical threats and the shortage of experienced resources 7 point 8 Sdn. Bhd. was formed as a specialist cybersecurity and physical security Malaysian company and a partner you can trust. Our cybersecurity and physical security professionals are industry’s best with highly technical skills and are part of the international security community in Malaysia helping clients manage complex security challenges with a business-focused approach.

Our professional team have access to the latest local and global information sources to predict and prevent attacks, as well as understand the cyber and physical attackers, from sophisticated espionage teams, to cyber and physical criminals perpetrating a new fraud, to hacktivists wanting to embarrass organisations.





What do we provide

At 7 Point 8, cyber security is everything we do.
We offer cyber security consultancy, training and services, including but not limited to the following:

Web application pen test and physical crisis management

Our professional team can design an integrated information and physical security ecosystem that optimizes investment while protecting your key assets.

Computer and physical fraud forensics including physical security training.

Managed physical security services and cybersecurity for protective monitoring and analysis, giving you protection via our partner network of Professional Security partners

Risk and vulnerability assessments, security improvement plans, compliance checks, insider physical  threat analysis, threat trends, training services, recovery planning and physical security audits.

Social and physical security service audit and assessment







Physical security addresses the design, implementation, and maintenance of countermeasures that protect the physical resources of an organisation. In the physical environment a potential act of human error or failure can be hazardous and fatal.


This course is targeted toward management staff who have the responsibility of leading operations teams in a large complex. They will learn counter-terrorism awareness and how to form, and lead a team of response officers. They will also learn how to manage a major incident and build a plan for the aftermath of such an incident.

They will practice what they have learned through role-playing and real-world simulations progressively building towards becoming individuals who are polite, yet firm in their dealings with any relevant individuals they come across.

Deliberate acts of sabotage or vandalism can be physical attacks on individuals or property with the intent to sabotage or deface.  Examples could include taking company's VIP, high profile clients, public as hostages, are all real physical security threats confronting any organisation.


7 POINT 8 Sdn Bhd in partnership with Atlas Solutions Sdn Bhd will be conducting a hands on 2 day Certificate in Counter Terrorism course.

 Workshop Details

Date   : 8th -  9th July 2019 (Tentative date)
   : 9.00am to 5.00pm
Duration  : Total of 2 days session
Fees  : RM4,000 net per person (inclusive of materials, coffee breaks and lunch)

For details and booking please visit website or email .

For more information please call Jeffrey (01126148233), Angeline (0109811595)

Registration Form

Please make cheque payable to 7 Point 8 Sdn Bhd or bank transfer to:-

7 Point 8 Sdh Bhd
CIMB Bank Berhad
Acc.No: 80-0953446-5


Mr. Daniel Smith

Daniel is a current team leader in the Australian Army whose responsibilities include training, intelligence gathering and operations. His specialisation is integration as part of a skilled team and leading them to deliver the desired results. He is also a versatile and experienced security and risk management professional.

Having instructed a number of courses in both the corporate in military world, Daniel’s forte is merging military discipline into corporate structure through the delivery of robust courses relevant to the corporate sector.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and multiple certifications in the security industry including the UK Government’s SIA Level 3 Close Protection Qualification, Cert III Security Operations (Australian government), Cert IV Project Management Practice, Cert IV Security and Risk Management, Cert IV Frontline Management.

This Is A Specially Designed Practical Training for a "Certificate in Counter Terrorism Management" for Physical Security Professionals


By the end of the training session, participants will be aware and have a better understanding of the    following:

  • Understand various type of terrorist threats
  • Participants will be taught how to identify when a building or premise has been marked as a potential target by perpetrators
  • Learn how to detect these perpetrators by body language, suspicious behaviour and by their clothing
  • Able to identify and deal with a first contact situation
  • In house and external criminals and terrorist threats
  • How to improve team capability and plan mitigate terrorism risks
  • Effectively manage a site evacuation should their threat assessments indicate that one is necessary
  • Learn crowd control techniques
  • Learn how to deliver an after action briefing during and after incident has occurred
  • Learn how to deliver an after action report for dissemination based on the topics of discussions in the briefing

Common myths and perceptions
about physical security and cybersecurity

My computer/server have the best antivirus installed

Cybersecurity: Although there are not many news of malware infection on Linux or Macs as in Windows, it does not mean it is safe. Malware coders just prefer and more interested to disrupt and attack Windows based workstations. Your antivirus is as good as the last update and there are no signatures for all the malicious codes in the world known to the majority.

Physical Security :  Having security guards at the door/gates is not sufficient,  security guards at best is a deterrent against entering the office premise and perform data/information theft and physical damage 

Only large corporations are more vulnerable to cyber attacks

Cybersecurity : While this is true, it is a known fact that the best method to access smaller enterprises is through their IT contractors and service providers because they have easy access to their computer network.

Physical Security : Visitors and Contractors who register their details before entry is only as good as a name database and will not be able to ascertain their ulterior motives  - if any

My password has far too many permutations to guess

Cybersecurity : There are no passwords that is too difficult to crack.

Physical Security: Internal staff are honest and loyal to the company, therefore there is no need to have doubts on staff

My network monitoring system will alert me of every problem

Not quite! The most common form of cyber attacks is via email “phishing attack”. Attackers uses the application layer to gain access to the network .This is only one of several reasons that trusting only on the network monitoring system isn’t enough to protect it. You need to have protocols in place to protect the access to the network. It starts with the simplest one, physical access.

Cyber attacks are always from the outside. All internal staff inside the company can be trusted.

Cybersecurity : Most emails received by internal staff have either an attachment or an external link to the outside network already exposing an entry into the company’s workstation

Physical Security : Disgruntled staff and contractors are known to be one of the weakness in any organisation to not be wary about within the organisation

My PCs and servers are encrypted

Cybersecurity : 90% of small companies usually share same account with super administrative privileges which leads to weak protection. This results in creating a backdoor for social engineering and accessing those systems without too much effort. Disgruntled employees are normally perfect candidates.

Physical Security : Competitors may have relatives or friends who may undertake commercial espionage activities within the organisation passing valuable strategic business plans and activities 


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